Senior Production Sprint 10

I made a lot of progress on the boss this week. I added rotation and vertical movement, making the fight much more dynamic and exciting. I also added some variables to set the length of the stun the boss takes when damaged in the different phases of the fight. I fixed a bunch of bugs and set up the eye image switching, so now the fight feels much more finished. It still needs some work and not everything is final, but it’s getting there.

The boss had the problem of being uninteresting and static if you knew how to fight it, because you could easily get above it and it only had a few attacks it could use while you were above it. The solution to this was to let the boss rotate to face you, so now you have to race around it to get to the capsules to damage it. I set this up, and later added variables to the boss to determine how fast it should rotate in each phase, making the boss get harder as it goes. I also added in a much quicker spin that happens after you damage the boss’s eye. It pauses for a second, then quickly rotates to face you, resetting your progress and preventing you from abusing positioning to take the boss out quickly. All this makes the fight much more frantic and difficult, without leaving any easy methods of beating the boss with little effort.

I improved a lot of other things that were either wrong or incomplete. I made it so the player can grab onto the boss, making it easier to maneuver. I fixed the boss’s mine to do damage. I added in the eye sprite switching to show the boss taking damage as the fight goes on, although that still needs some adjustments. I fixed some bugs with the boss fight, like the eye’s hitbox being wrong and some errors when the boss was killed.

The boss is feeling a lot more complete now. It is very difficult with the current settings, and the difficulty can easily be adjusted in a few different ways if needed. All of its attacks are used, and they are all intimidating and threatening in their respective danger zones. The rotation really helped the whole fight come together as a whole, and the boss now commands the respect it deserves.


The first pod is basically free, but the rest are anything but.

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