Senior Production Sprint 9

This week, I worked on setting up the boss to use different assets and a different system for popping the capsules. Instead of having the normal capsules from the other levels that you can pop in any order, with big shields appearing on them when you should shoot the eye, there is now only one active capsule, which glows, letting you know which one to aim for. I also added in a stun state and a sleep state for the boss, to make starting the fight easier and to make the fight more dynamic and responsive. The boss doesn’t start moving until you enter the room, and damaging it makes it stop moving and attacking for 2 seconds. I also helped implement some VFX for the boss, for when it takes damage and when it is destroyed.

The largest task for the week was adding in the new capsules. While implementing art assets isn’t usually a big deal, this meant changing the whole system from “grab any capsule” to “grab this specific capsule, and you can’t grab the others.” The assets also had to be switched in and out to provide visual feedback, giving a glow to the pipe that is currently active. I also took out the shields that used to appear covering the capsules when you are supposed to damage the eye, because you can’t grab the capsules while they are inactive anyway.

The next task was making a state for the boss where it doesn’t move or attack. I needed to add an override into the state system, allowing the boss script to change the AI controller’s current active state to the damage state whenever I want. I could then use this when the boss takes damage, cutting the current attack and preventing it from attacking until the stun ends. I also had to stop the boss’s movement, but that code was in the boss script already, so I just had add a toggle and a check before moving.

With all of these new updates to the boss, along with updates to the level, it was finally ready to be taken to QA and tested. The results were positive, with some people liking it a lot. About 40% of testers were able to beat the boss, which was a bit discouraging. We’ll have to make it harder for next time. We already have plans for some simple additions that should shake up how the fight works, and alleviate some of the problems we have found.

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