Senior Production Sprint 8

I didn’t do much for the game this week. We didn’t meet to discuss what would be done this sprint until Monday because of spring break, and we didn’t have the whole team because of GDC. My only tasks were adding the boss into the boss level and making documentation explaining how to edit the boss for designers. I added the boss to the level, but I still have to finish up the boss documentation.

Adding the boss into the level took a little longer than I expected. I thought I could just put it in, hook up some variables to the player, and it would just work. When I did that, the tentacles were acting weird, and I thought something was wrong with it. After tracking down the issue, it turned out to be a random collider running through the center of the boss level. This was a collider left over from the level that the boss level was copied from, and it had no place in the new level, so I removed it.

For the documentation, I ended up splitting it up into two documents. The first is a general AI document. This explains how the basic system of the enemy AI works. The boss uses the same base as all of the other enemies, so it made sense to have a single document for all of them together. It explains the state machine system, and the transitions and behaviors. I want to add explanations for the specific types of transitions and behaviors as well. This should make it possible for anyone else to make changes to the enemies if they need to.

The second document is the specific boss document. This explains the transitions and behaviors unique to the boss, as well as a few other scripts that only the boss uses. I put in the general explanation for how the boss specific scripts work, but I didn’t finish all of the behavior explanations. I did hit some of the most important parts, and a designer has already started making changes to some of the boss’s attacks.

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