Capstone Sprint 10

I didn’t get as much done on the game as I would have liked this week. Between getting a new computer and trying to make up for other things I missed from not having a computer for the last two weeks, I could not find as much time as I wanted to work on this project. I did manage to get team play working, so that will be something we can test this next week. I also should be in a better position to work on the game more in the future.

We now have team games and free for all, in two separate builds for the moment. They are in two scenes, so choosing which to play will be easy to pick from a menu in the future, just by loading one of the scenes. The layout is slightly different, and some variables are adjusted to prevent teammates from attacking each other and making the score based on the scores of both teammates.

Another thing I worked on was a moving camera. The camera now tracks the players and zooms in and out based on the distance between them. This makes the game feel less static and more interesting, because the screen isn’t constantly filled with stationary space. It isn’t perfect yet, and needs more testing, but it’s a start.

There were a few more mechanics I wanted to add this week but didn’t find the time for. I should be able to add them in this next week, now that I have less other things to worry about. I have my new computer with everything working, and plans for most of the new features.

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