Capstone Sprint 9

This week went better than the last. We figured out more of what to do with our game and I got started on a prototype. The biggest difference is moving from networked multiplayer to local with a single wide camera view of the whole game. Some of the systems I worked on last week still apply to the new design and mechanics, and I was able to use those in the new prototype. Most of the systems I have worked on for the hunting game do not apply to the new farming game, so those will likely not be used for this new project.

I got a lot of work done on the new prototype this week. I added the multiplayer, planting and growing, combat, respawning, and score systems, making the game playable with some of the major features present. The biggest missing mechanic is the trap and fence building system. You can currently cut down trees, but they do not add to a resource counter. I just have to add that, a system to reduce that number and add a fence/trap, and the mechanics for the fences and traps. The fences will just have a collision box and a certain number of hits to break. The traps will just have a hit box that tells the player to stay still for a certain amount of time. After this is added, we will finally have a prototype representative of the final game we want to make.

We have had a lot of trouble with our previous game concept because it was vague and under-developed. It was hard to work on because I couldn’t get a good idea of what the game was supposed to be. It didn’t help that what I could get of the concept did not sound fun to me, supposedly because it was not my type of game. That is not as big of an issue with the new game idea we have. I can contribute to the discussion of the game because it sounds fun to me, and I can understand the game better because I have been more engaged in the design of the game. I believe it is also a much more appropriately scoped game for this project.

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