Capstone Sprint 8

This was a rough week. I had a full schedule of tasks planned, then we changed the entire game and I had to implement an entirely new set of features. The biggest problem of this is trying to determine what the new game is supposed to be and how to implement the mechanics needed. After getting an idea, I was able to implement some basic functionality, but being at a tech demo level at this point is a bad sign. Regardless, I have an idea of what to do for this new game, and a start.

After working out what the new game was going to look like, I decided to implement the mechanics of planting and growing the plants at the center of the game play. The idea is to have a plot for plants that you can plant seeds in, then add water, and the plants will grow until that water runs out. You get more water from a well, and you can water your plants and leave them to do something else while they grow. You can only grow one plant of each type, and having a fully grown plant of each type wins you the game.

To accomplish this, I started with the watering and growing mechanic. You can click on a well with a watering can in hand, and it will gradually fill up in a couple seconds. You can then click on a plant, and the water will be transferred to the plant until the plant has max water or the watering can runs out. The plant will then grow for that amount of time times a multiplier. As the plant grows, its scale increases, showing that it is growing. When it reaches full size, the scale jumps a bit, showing that it reached full size. There is not yet a visual for how much water the can or plants have.

The other mechanic I added was planting seeds. You can get seeds from a seed box, which uses the same crafting menu the hunting game had, but with no ingredients. This works because your seed box is supposed to have an infinite number of your own seeds. You can then plant these seeds in a seed plot. This plot has 8 spaces, with each having a unique plant type. The plants are always there even before being planted, with a scale of zero. After being planted, the plant’s scale jumps up to the minimum, showing it is now there. The seed is taken from the player’s inventory, and the plant can now be watered. If you try to plant a seed that has already been planted, nothing happens.

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