Capstone Sprint 7

We made good progress this week. While we didn’t have many meetings, and the meetings we had were pretty short, we knew what we had to do and got to spend a lot of time working on it. I spent most of my time working on combat this week, with the rest of the time spent finishing up the equip system I started on last week.

I started this week with working on the equip/inventory system, because I still had some improvements to make. I reworked the equip mechanics first, because it still used an old system that was added for early prototyping. The player can now click a button in the inventory menu to equip almost any item, and click another button to add an item to a hotbar. For most objects, the hotbar equips the item, but some objects can be placed in the world, and the hotbar lets the player do that more easily too. With that, much of the basic functionality of the menus was finished, and I was able to move onto the next task.

After finishing with the menus for now, I moved on to implementing basic combat past shooting arrows at brainless zombies that couldn’t even fight back. I added a system for melee weapons for the player, using adjustable hitboxes, swing speeds, and damage values. After that, I added a health bar for the player and an attack for the enemy. The current only attack is a full 360 spin, with the tail having a hitbox. It uses this attack when the player is within a certain range, and can’t move while using this attack. It is mostly just a placeholder for attacks with animations, but I decided to have some fun with it. It didn’t take that long, and it makes the attack make visual sense for now, even without an animation.

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