Capstone Sprint 4

This week went alright mostly. We planned on getting the three prototypes as close to QA-ready as we could, and went to QA with two of them. We took the Bar Fight game and the Glider game, and we’re working on the Hunting game for next time. I put in a lot of time getting the Bar Fight game ready for QA, and starting work on the Hunting game prototype.

The Bar Fight game did well at QA, with everyone who played it enjoying it. It did have some issues, like throwing objects not really being worth it in most cases. It wasn’t worth the difficulty in aiming, the loss of a weapon, and the damage reduction. The only slight use was for finishing people off when they had low health, but that alone was very satisfying. One fix for this would be to implement the vertical attack that should be much better for throwing. Because of a Unity input problem, the vertical attack didn’t work at QA. It probably wouldn’t matter much, because it currently isn’t all that useful for throwing. I do believe I found source of the Unity problem and can fix it for next time.

The Glider prototype didn’t do as well. Most people had issues controlling the glider, probably because the feedback is extremely confusing with the glider flipping constantly when holding any key. There was also no clear objective or end states. We did get some usable feedback on the art and settings, along with thoughts of the general idea of the game, so it wasn’t a complete loss. I will probably start helping on this prototype for next time, so the glider isn’t as much of a problem.

The last prototype is still a work in progress, and isn’t ready for QA yet. We have bow shooting and trapping mechanics, which can be used to kill extremely basic AIs. There is also an inventory system, including crafting new items using objects found in the world. This will hopefully be ready for QA next week, so we can complete what we need for the first challenge.

The last thing we need to figure out is what game we want to go forward with. I personally believe that the Bar Fight game is the strongest game idea we have currently. I think it is the most though out game idea we have, with the other two games still not being all that clear. I’m understanding the Hunting game better now, and I think I get the point, even if I still think it wouldn’t be all that fun of a game (in my opinion), and it seems a bit out of scope in art, design, and programming. With the glider game, I still don’t really know what it is. It has never really been more than a concept, and even the concept has changed quite a few times. It started out as a wing-suit racing game, then changed to gliders, and now it might be turning into a paper airplane game. The game might not be about gliding anymore, and maybe not even racing. The idea of the game went from fast, dangerous, downhill competitive flight racing, to some sort of casual plane flying through a paper forest, and who knows where it will go from there. It is hard to get behind an idea that keeps changing that much, especially as the programmer, because I don’t even know where to begin in making the game.

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