Capstone Sprint 2

This week could have gone better. My plan for this week was to continue work on the bar fighting game prototype and start a prototype for the wing suit racing game. I had 5 hours estimated on working on the bar fight prototype, and 4 hours for the wing suit game, combined with meetings coming to around 12 hours. The bar fight additions ended up taking only 4 hours, and the day before I was planning on working on the wing suit game, I realized that I may not have been on the same page as the team on what the game was supposed to be. We never got around to working out the exact ideas for the game, and it didn’t make sense to start a prototype without knowing the basic mechanics for the game, so that task was left out. I am now left with far fewer hours than planned, but hopefully we can figure out the wing suit game soon and get that prototype started. The bar fight prototype is coming along nicely, with all of the specific mechanics implemented, like picking up, swinging, throwing, and doing/taking damage. The only planned things left to do for the prototype are add camera controls, splitscreen multiplayer, adjust current controls, and add a level populated with objects for fighting. These are the simplest parts because I have done them for previous games several times, and they will be exactly the same this time.

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